Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A step by step guide on how to be naughty with the aid of a donkey.

 Step 1: Step on the bouncy donkey that is clearly intended only for sitting (grin while doing this because it's a little naughty).
 Step 2: Stand on the donkey inches away from anything stable (grin bigger for added effect and naughtiness).

Step 3: Jump over the edge of the couch and make a soft landing onto the pillow (be sure to look at Mommy and smile at her for reassurance since she just had a mild heart attack).

Step 4: Kiss the silly stinker (and remove donkey from the area). 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Silly with a side of Uncle Mitch!

M: much too fun for a fourty-something! Always a kiddo at heart, he definitely knows how to ignite a silly bone!
I: is a 'fun uncle.' You know the kind...the one who kiddos gravitate to.
T: teaches the kiddos some wonderful new games and tricks. You know the kind...the ones that you didn't want them to learn until they were a smidge older.
C: can talk to a phone pole and get it to talk back! So inspired by his ability to spark a conversation with anyone, anywhere.
H: happy. Happy. Happy. Always happy!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Fun!

Sadly these are the best photos of our 'Halloween lot' (and they're not even taken on Halloween). The Watson Halloween tradition was broken this year. No family theme even though Greg and I tried hard. Henry insisted on being the UPS man and Owen had his sights on being a spider.
A bit of pre-trick or treating with friends in Seattle.
Take a good look at Henry's treat box. He wanted to "deliver a package" with his costume on. Owen has taken to spiders this fall. He's the cutest big spider I've ever seen. I think I'll keep him.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two's Company!

This has been a common picture in our house this summer. Waiting patiently while Mommy helps Charlie...
But, alas - the fun has started!

Snuggle Time

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brave Owen

Owen has learned something new! I recently trimmed the trees in our driveway making way for exposed branches. Owen took full advantage of the 'step stools' and climbed as high as he could. He's been looking for bigger and taller trees to climb since.

Chillin' Out!

Successful tummy time. No tears yet.
Relaxing with Grandma Carla.
Waiting very patiently for a bedtime snack.
Watching big brother Henry be silly for the camera.